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not_primetime's Journal

Not ready for prime time (fandoms)
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Not Ready For Prime Time (Fandoms), or otherwise known as Not Prime Time, is a gen, het, femslash, and slash multifandom secret fiction exchange for medium sized fandoms.

Members can post to this comm about Not Prime Time related or small fandom related topics.

Please watch npt_admin for announcements.

We are on DW: [info]not_primetime / [info]npt_admin and we have a Not Prime Time tumblr

The FAQ can be found here.

Our guidelines for what constitutes a medium sized fandom is either a) a fandom on the current Yuletide ineligibility list or b) meets our eligibility requirements (an entry will be posted in our admin comm with more detailed information) and is not a fandom with over 20,000 fics available (megafandom list on LJ and on DW).
*There are 2 exceptions to this rule in regards to RPF and movie fandoms. Please read about it in our FAQ.

2015 schedule
April 5 to 15 - Nominations
April 15 to 18 - Corrections
April 19 to 30 - Sign ups
May 3 - Assignments go out by the latest
May 5 - Madness collection and prompts open
July 3 - Stories due
July 11 - Main collection goes live
July 12 - Madness collection goes live
July 16 - Author reveals