Dear Prime Time Player
Signups are open! They will close April 30th.

You can post your link to your Dear Prime Time Player letter or post the letter itself within the comments below. Don't forget to post your AO3 username with your letter, especially if your journal name doesn't match your AO3 username.

Here is the Not Prime Time 2014 signup summary (shows up when at least 5 people have signed up)

Example Comment:
(Link to letter)
National Football League RPF
Hikaru no Go

On LJ | On DW

Nominations still going on
Nominations are open until April 15th. Nomination form.

You're able to nominate up to 7 fandoms and for each fandom, up to 6 characters. The fandoms must be medium sized fandoms (unless it's an RPF fandom or movie fandom which means it can also be a potential Yuletide fandom as well) and you can check eligibility rules here. Please nominate fandoms that you are intending to request or offer.

You must have an AO3 account to use the nomination form. If you need an invitation, please contact us at

You can see the nominations tag set here to see what has been approved.

Note: Fandoms will be the first things approved. Character approvals will be much slower. Approved fandoms and characters will be visible during nominations.

Updating megafandoms list + more
If you know of a fandom that should be considered a megafandom (over 20,000 fics) but isn't on the list, please reply in a comment below along with a link to an archive/comm/etc. This is so a) we have digital evidence of a fandom's "mega" status instead of relying solely on word of mouth, b) it gives fans who weren't aware of where to find those fics an opportunity to find a new treasure trove, c) your mods aren't aware of every part of fandom and they will miss things that may be obvious to someone else in their corner of the net, so help is appreciated.

The megafandom list can be found either on LJ or on DW.

This list will be updated until April 1st when we lock it for the duration of the upcoming round, and will open it again for updates once the round is over.

There's a fandoms promotion post (on LJ | on DW) where you can promote your fandom and find out what people are requesting/offering.

New changes have been posted on the admin comm.

Nominations begin April 5 to April 15. We hope to see you there!

Fandoms Promotion
Nominations are just around the corner, starting April 5th, and it takes time to review canons or to possibly take on new canons. If you'd like to promote your fandoms in order to entice fellow participants to offer/request, this is the place to do it.

Please keep discussions of each individual fandom in separate comment/comment threads with the subject of it as that fandom. Please also put as your first sentence a list of common potential triggers (in the canon and especially anything is in your comment).

Our guidelines for a medium sized fandom can be found through this link for RPF, movie, and other fandoms.

on LJ | on DW

2014 schedule
The 2014 schedule for Not Prime Time is as follows:

April 5 to 15 - Nominations
April 15 to 18 - Corrections
April 19 to 30 - Sign ups
May 3 - Assignments go out by the latest
May 5 - Madness collection and prompts open
July 3 - Stories due
July 9 - Main collection goes live
July 12 - Madness collection goes live
July 16 - Author reveals

We hope to see you there!

Other exchanges throughout the rest of the year
There are many wonderful multifandom exchanges throughout the year that overlap in niche-ness both with each other as well as Not Prime Time. While many of these exchanges are for small fandoms, most of them feature medium sized fandoms as well (or at least fandoms that NPT accepts for its eligibility).

The Exchange at Fic Corner: fic_corner. Children's and YA books and short stories from picture books to edgy teen novel.

Femslashex: femslashex. Fanfiction exchange for fans of femslash.

Jukebox Fanworks Exchange: jukebox_fest. Song-based fanworks.

Kaleidoscope: darkagenda. Multimedia fanwork exchange for rare chromatic source fandoms.

Parallels Fanworks Exchange: parallelsfic. Rare Asian fandoms.

Rare Characters Fanworks Exchange: rarecharacters. Multi-fandom exchange community for underrated characters.

Rare Pair Exchange: rarepairfest. Rare pairs in ALL fandoms, canon or non-canon pairings.

Rare Ship Swap: shipswap. A community for the exchange of fics dedicated to rare ships.

Rare Women Fic Exchange: rarewomen. Rare women, from big and small fandoms.

Yuletide: yuletide_admin. Rare fandoms exchange.

End of 2013 round
Not Prime Time 2013 and Prime Time Madness 2013 are officially over and authors have been revealed.

Throughout the hiatus, we'll promote works that were posted during this round on our tumblr account.

The Exchange at Fic Corner is Open for Brainstorming.
Milo, milo
A Kids' and YA Book Fic Exchange

The Exchange at Fic Corner is a gift exchange for fic based on children's and YA books and short stories from picture books to edgy teen novels. The FAQ can be found on the fic_corner on Dreamwidth or fic_corner on LiveJournal comms. Information will also be posted to Fic-corner on tumblr

The Exchange at Fic Corner 2013 Schedule
July 6th - Comm Opens for Brainstorming
July 12th - 21th - Nominations
July 22nd - 29th - Sign-Ups
July 31st - Assignments Sent Out
September 22nd - Deadline for Stories
September 29th - Collection Goes Live

Kids/YA Book Fic Exchange title run-off poll
judy, cat
Run-off round for the top two titles and a few I liked from the comments. This second poll will last until Tuesday morning when I will make a decision and a Comm.

Children's/YA Book Fic Exchange prelimary poll
It's early days yet but I'm planning on running a kids'/YA book fic exchange this August and I've got a poll up on my Dreamwidth to gauge interest and hopefully choose a name.

The current plan involves nominations in mid-July, assignments by the beginning of August and reveal in early September. It will be open to all books or stories published for children or Young Adults (including republished adult titles and audio only books & stories), with no limits on original language or popularity.

Expect a pretty banner and comm links once this thing has a name.


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