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Beta resources
bridgetmc wrote in not_primetime
Please comment below if you're willing to offer your services as a beta.

AO3 name:
Contact info: [PM journal name, email, etc]
What I beta: [canon, geography, language, SPAG, etc]
Fandoms I'll beta:
How much time you need to give me:
Please do not ask me to beta:
Please warn me of the following content:

Here are some other resources that may or may not be useful to you:
beta_search - From their profile: Beta_Search is a community for all LJ users to search for beta readers (editors) to look over their fan fiction for them.
Pro Writing Aid - otherwise affectionally known as Robobeta in yulechat. Just copy and paste your story or passage into the box, and the site will flag many things to bring to your attention, like overused words, cliches, sentence length, grammar, etc. While not a true beta (because robot) and may bring up many things you disagree with (again, robot), it can be helpful.
How to write a scene in 11 steps - found off pinterest
adjectives add color to our writing - found off pinterest
other ways to say... - found off pinterest

Stories are due July 3rd.

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AO3 name: Untherius
Contact info:
What I beta: historical fiction, particularly European Middle Ages; anything set west of the Rockies; anything set on Mars; Post-Apocalyptic
Fandoms I'll beta: Marvel; fairy tales; Disney (including off-shoots like Twisted Princesses); Firefly; Leverage; Narnia; B-5; Star Trek; Star Wars; Hobbit/LOTR; Angel/Buffy; Chuck; Big Bang Theory
How much time you need to give me: At least a week.
Please do not ask me to beta:
Please warn me of the following content: Slash (unless the characters swing that way in canon); extreme sexual content (I consider "Slave Bear of Carealot" to be my benchmark for what constitutes bracing for impact, as it were.); strong language (That is, stories filled with eff this, eff that, and Viet-effing-nam. I'll read it, I'll be fair and even about the content and the story, but you can expect me to strongly recommend you tone it down.)

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